Etna Bianco

The emblem of Villagrande taste

Sicily is said to be a land of contrasts, and so is this wine. The perfume lets you understand dry, clean sensations, softened by floral and white pulp fruit notes. Instead, the first sip is fresh and direct, at the same time enveloping.

Etna Rosso

A wine with many stories to tell

Etna is a world apart in not only Sicilian but Mediterranean oenology. The heat of the South is combined with mists, temperature changes, frequent rains, in short, there is a hint of great North in these wines. It is perceived in delicately fruity, herbaceous and forest tones, softened by chestnut barrels in which this wine rests for 1 year.

Etna Rosato

Fresh and carefree

The first emotion is visual: the color that turns from rosy blush to intense warm yellow evokes sunny sensations. Its freshness slides lightly on the various flavors.

Etna Bianco Contrada Villagrande

Enveloping freshness and sensuality

Milo, home of the Bianco Superiore, each Contrada with its own characteristics. In Contrada Villagrande we wanted to create a wine that challenges time, which amplifies the characteristics of the Etna area: freshness, longevity, elegance.

Etna Rosso Contrada Villagrande

The first thing you perceive is the scent of the volcano, flowers and fruit, balsamic notes derive from the two years spent in chestnut barrels. A zero-kilometer chestnut, which comes right from the woods of the estate, and which has monitored the grapes throughout the journey from the rows to the bottle.

The sensation on the palate is surprising, because the tannin of the wood is associated with an unusual touch of liveliness, obviously gentle and very fine.

Salina Bianco

From absinthe to orange blossom

A wine that tells its island in its perfume and texture, each sip brings you back to Salina. The label evokes the sun in the glass, and it is just like that: from the sun of the Aeolian Islands this wine takes strength, character and aromas, but loves to be free, to fly towards flavors that are even distant.


Poetry. Golden salina

Clearly her ritual moment is with sweets or as a meditation glass. But it can also be combined as an unusual aperitif, together with a selection of cheeses and fruit compotes.