Monte Arso Vineyard

Monte Arso rises at the border of the Eastern Slope, when Etna begins to turn southwards. It is an ancient volcanic cone formed around 1150 AD. following a major lava flow. Its horseshoe shape mountain reaches 1012 meters above sea level, in these land ancient terraces host rows of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, surrounded by an evergreen forest.
The peculiarity of this mountain lies in the subsoil, here the substrate has a red-orange color, due to the heat of the lava that covered it, giving it this particular shade. The entire property is 10 hectares in total, 6 of them are vineyards surrounded by brooms and oaks that delimit the boundaries. The link with the family business is lost over time, in fact this land is located within the municipality of Nicolosi in via Alfredo Maria Mazzei and Marco himself tells:
“Alfredo Maria Mazzei, originally from Campania, was an agronomist, oenologist, author of several books, and was also a professor of oenology at the University of Catania, to which the agricultural institute of Giarre was named. In an article, he wrote about the Etna Bianco Superiore produced by his grandfather Carmelo:”
“There is no doubt that this delicious wine belongs to the most refined Italian and indeed global wine aristocracy. It possesses to a high degree particular dynamogenic and restorative properties, since the fire of the Volcano and the strength of the Cyclops are magically hidden in its molecules…” (Catania 10/08/1950)